SHOWTIME!! Saturday 25th March 2017

To Parents, Carers and Students,
We would like to inform you of some changes being made to Artiez this year. We will not be having a Christmas show, as we have done in previous years. Instead, throughout the year, we will be putting on various shows displaying the wonderful work your children are doing in class. Not all classes will be performing in each show we put on. This is not a reflection on your child’s ability or the class they are in. This will be organised and spaced so as to not interfere with any upcoming exams your children may have. Our first set of shows will take place on Saturday 25th March 2017 10am and 11.30am at the Grimsby Institute Theatre. Please see photo below for all those involved  Show tickets will go onsale on Monday 6th March. Tickets has specific seats & are allocated on a first come first serve basis to families whose children are in the shows. No restriction on the number of tickets you wish to purchase so please invite all friends and family. Any spare tickets will be available to all other Artiez members and to the public from 20th March   £7 per adult, £5 per child. Many Thanks x

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