Melody Bear classes are the perfect introduction to dance, movement, acting & singing for all children. The classes consist of delightful interpretations of traditional, familiar nursery rhymes together with new music and songs designed to inspire children’s natural zest for self-expression. We use the natural actions of the body; such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. It is structured to aid children’s physical development, coordination, spatial awareness, sensory development, creativity and self-expression, either working individually, with a partner, or as a group. 

In addition to this, children are introduced to other fundamental curriculum learning skills such as counting, colour and shape recognition, vocabulary, language skills and the benefits of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a fun filled manner.

Melody & Milligan Bear encourage the children with their achievement stickers and award cards to work for their collection of badges & medals. We also like to have presentations to congratulate children on their progress. The classes are very exciting and have the full support of the school national curriculum. For more information on Melody & Milligan Bear sessions, please visit our Melody Bear Dance & Music page. 

We are very proud to be one of the only schools in North East Lincolnshire able to provide these wonderful Melody Bear classes. These classes are beneficial for all areas of a child’s development. We offer various packages, some which will be paid for by the parents and some which are funded by the nursery. Classes are 30 minutes each and, depending on the size of the space, we can accommodate up to approximately 24 children per 30 minute class.

Where you choose the nursery funded package, there are various benefits such as being able to have up to 24 children per session providing the space is big enough and staff members are encouraged to join in. Alternatively we can run two smaller  groups for 30 minutes each. There is the option of children have sticker award certificates too!

Where you choose to offer our Melody Bear classes to your parents and they pay us, we will provide all letters and booking information for them. We have an online booking system so that parents can pay for the course directly so that we do all the work for you! Before we send letters out, we would ask the nursery to choose as to whether they would like to offer a 6 or 12 week course and then we will do the rest! Parent funded packages require a minimum number of 6-8 children for the course to run. 

Should you wish to discuss or require any further information regarding our different types of nursery packages available, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Nursery Review……

Our children at Ready Teddy Go Nursery really enjoy their weekly sessions with Artiez and always look forward to the next. Every week is varied and themed which encompass the children’s learning and development. We have noticed the children’s confidence blossom right from the start of their Melody Bear Adventure (They can be a bit shy to start with). Miss Alex always puts them at ease and is so kind and welcoming. Children with additional needs have also been able to take part in the sessions which have been tailored for the individual child to enjoy. Thankyou for making these sessions such a lovely experience for the children. We all look forward to them every week!

Paula (owner at Ready Teddy Go Nursery, Cleethorpes)