Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic we will be taking extra measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and the children at our classes. Any child or parent persistently refusing to follow our policy will be asked to leave the class / the school. We ask that you read this policy and follow the plan which we have put in place:

  • If your child or anyone in the household has a temperature, loss of smell/taste or persistent cough, your child MUST NOT attend the class. Following government guidelines you must self isolate for the prescribed length of time, or receive a negative Covid-19 test result before returning to class.

  • If any member of staff or anyone in their household has a temperature, loss of smell/taste or persistent cough, they will not be taking the class and an alternative teacher will attend. If there is no alternative teacher and the class has to be cancelled, we will notify you of this, with as much advance notice as possible, by text and email.

  • Children living in a Tier 4 area are NOT PERMITTED to travel into a Tier 3 area for classes. Please inform us if this affects you.
  • All payments are to be sent by bank transfer or the correct cash to be placed in a labelled envelope inside your child’s bag. Fees must be received the first week of each month/by the 7th of the month to avoid being charged a late payment fee. Please note one months notice and one months fees are required should your child no longer wish to continue. 

Monthly invoices will be sent out on your first session of the month to confirm the payment amount due. We hope this will be helpful to you. We will sort charts out during the first class of the month and include these on the invoice. 

If, for any reason, you do NOT wish for us to provide your child with a new chart, please notify us by email, phone or message the day before your child’s class begins.

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class beginning.


After School Classes 

  • Parents and children are required to form a socially distanced queue outside of the dance class venue and wait for an Artiez staff member/volunteer to let them in. Children will then be checked in at the door, and escorted into their dance studio/hall. No parents will be allowed to enter the buildings. This applies to all venues. 

  • Parents may wait in the carpark if they wish. In case of emergency & a parent should need to enter the venue, please ensure you have a face mask ready to wear. We will not provide these.

  • Children will be asked to sanitise their hands before entering the room.

  • All children 11 years and over are permitted to wear a facemask on entry and exit of the venue. 
  • Following the venue’s rules, there is to be no changing on the premises. The changing rooms are not open so please arrive ready for class.

  • Children must bring everything needed for all sessions with them; there will be no changing between sessions. Wednesday’s Musical Theatre students may put their t-shirt and leggings over their leotard after their ballet class has finished. 

  • Children must bring their own drink to class. There will be no kitchen facilities available or drinks provided – this is per the venue’s rules!

  • Regular hand washing will be promoted  by teachers and posters will also be placed around the buildings to remind students.

  • If children need the toilet they must wash their hands before returning to class. 

  • We will minimise the use of apparatus during classes. Where apparatus has been used this will be cleaned before the next class begins; along with high-contact touch points such as door handles and push plates.

  • Under 5’s are not required to social distance however we will do our very best to ensure that everyone has a sensible space. All children above 5 years will be allocated their own floor marker/area in which they will work from during their lesson. Government guidelines state that face masks are not required to be worn by any children or staff when teaching/participating in physical exercise, however staff will wear visors for teaching classes. 

  • Singing, chanting and speaking loudly is specifically noted as higher risk for transmission. As such, musical theatre class will for the time being, mainly focus on drama scripts and games and dance movement activities. Once singing is allowed again, we will be raring to go!

  • Unfortunately we are unable to allow parents into the building to watch the special week’s presentation. However, we do not want our superstars to miss out; therefore all special weeks will be filmed and sent to parents by email.

  • Upon entering the studio children will be asked to place their bag and charts in their own designated area with charts visible. A member of staff will then give out new charts for the month where applicable, wearing gloves whilst doing so. Stickers will be given out by a member of staff wearing gloves and a visor for the child to put on their own chart at the end of the class.

Dropping off and Collecting children:

Scartho Village Community Centre – Please form a socially distanced queue at the front door and check your child in with an Artiez Team member. The door will be locked after the last student arrives. If you are late, we cannot guarantee entry as this door WILL NOT be manned. When collecting your children,  please stand in the rear carpark (socially distanced) where children will be handed back to you. Children will be released to parents/carers before the next class is due to start so please be prompt upon collection.


Sussex Rec – Please form a socially distanced queue to the left of the front door (as if looking at the entrance) and check your child in with an Artiez Team member.  When collecting your child after class, please form a socially distanced queue to the right of the entrance doors (as if looking at the entrance). Children will be released to parents/carers before the next class may enter so please be prompt upon collection. The venue has requested for absolutely NO PARKING or children to be dropped off outside the main doors and requested that all cars are parked in the car park provided. As previously stated, no drinks or biscuits will be provided. Please ensure your child brings their own drink. Thank you.


Parent & Toddler Classes 

We have agreed with our venue a slightly different policy for these particular sessions. 

  • Parents and children are required to form a socially distanced queue outside of the dance class venue and wait to be admitted by an Artiez staff member/volunteer. 

  • Parents are required, as per the government guidelines, to wear a mask on entry to the venue. You are required to provide these however these do not need to be worn if you are taking part in the physical exercise. 

  • We kindly ask parents to socially distance themselves whilst seated in the studio. Please do not bring visitors to watch the class; as per the government’s guidelines, we are working on strict numbers and unfortunately in these classes, adults are counted as class members. Therefore it is only 1 adult allowed per child/children/household dancing. 

We would like to thankyou in advance for adhering to our policy. We look forward to seeing you at class.