What is Tap Dancing?? Tap dance is both a form of dance as well as the act of making a rhythmic sound. Here at Artiez, we describe Tap dancing is singing without words and making the music with your feet. Tap consists of lots of rhythms that become intricate the more advanced we become. Rhythm is fundamental to tap dancing and students are encouraged to develop a good musical understanding and clear beating sounds derived from correct technique. Tap dancing is a great way to build a child’s confidence and is a great way to enhance social interaction skills!

The lessons will encourage students to create sounds learning the correct terminology whilst building up a repertoire of both on the spot and travelling steps. The children will learn about rhythm and how to develop the subtle light and shade required for the perfect tap dancing.

Modern Jazz

Modern Dance is an introduction to a variety of different genres of music and dance styles which allow children to express themselves while building self-confidence and making friends. Each class will start with a thorough warm-up to build up strength, prepare the body for action and stimulate core connections /body awareness. Children will be given the opportunity to learn / practise floor work, kicks and splits to aid in the development of their flexibility. The children will learn jazz terminology and fresh routines whilst learning a variety of new and exciting steps!

Attending Tap & Modern Jazz lessons can have many benefits. We encourage children to develop a sense of performance and a pleasant quality of movement whilst they learn to dance with direction and make formations as a group. Not only is it fantastic exercise but its also a great way to improve posture and co-ordination too. We have a range of tap & modern dance classes available. The Jelly Walks and Dot to Dot exercises offer a great deal of fun whilst the Spanish Mumba & Canadian Hoedown are bound to have everyone dancing in their seats! Other themes and exercises include: Bubbles in the Bath, Hide and Seek, Queen of Bhangra, Magic Glove, Dice Games and French Picnic to name a few.

If you require any further information or would like to attend one of our groups, please do not hesitate to contact us.