Whether you’re the youngest or the oldest, the pillars of Artiez are there to ensure that our dance classes are a safe and happy learning space for each and every individual to explore their creativity and identity.

Appropriate uniform must be worn to every class and rehearsal

Respect your teachers and the other students always

Talk to us! If you’re feeling sad, anxious or scared, we’re here!

Individuality makes life fun, we’re not all made the same, embrace what makes you you!

Equipment should always be used carefully and treated with respect

Zero tolerance is our policy for disrespect, gossip, bullying or negative behaviour


Don’t be late or miss classes where possible

Always do your best listening. Dance should be fun, so we need to pay attention to learn and grow.

No touching other students unless asked to do so by your teacher.

Clean up any mess during and after class.

Enter class only when invited to do so by your teacher. Please wait quietly and put your belongings neatly away.