Presentation Trophy Winners








Huge congratulations to all our children who completed their dance exams this time. We always like to give special awards to those who’ve gone the extra mile! Big well done!

Artiez Dance Milligan Bear Cup –Georgia Robertson – Working incredibly hard for her Primary Ballet Exam & good placement of technique.

Artiez Dance Junior Cup –Olivia Cross – Effort, enthusiasm and improvement

The Lilly-Mae Bull Award (Donated By Mark Bull & Family) – Hollie Jacobs for dedication , commitment , punctual, always in uniform , concentration , listening to corrections , effort, improved technique

The A&S valeting & Detailing Award –Rafael Mitros – Working very hard for his Preparatory Tap Dance Exam. For good concentration and commitment and not letting anyone else drag you down!

Four Tropheys – Grimsby Cars

2- Mya Rhodes – Always tries so very hard. Good spirit and able to laugh when things don’t always go right. For always practising her homework!

3- Ebony Shepherdson – Most improved pupil. Trying so hard in both tap and ballet and we have now mastered those shuffles so well done!

4- Beth Gerrard – Always tries so very hard in everything that she does. Her ballet and tap technique are developing beautifully. Much improved concentration and counting to the music.

White Legal Barass Trophey –Amelia Rowston – Amelia is here to learn! Settling beautifully into her new class, being a good friend to others, always doing her very best and following  instructions.

Artiez Orange Point Shoe Trophey –Lottie Carr – For not giving up when the steps get tough and believing in herself. Lovely ballet technique developing and working hard on her skips which we can now do.

Whittleton Trophey – Rosie Marshall – For trying very hard in class and much improved listening. Our first position is looking lovely, we tried very hard in our exam and have almost mastered our skips.

Denise & Colin Halliday Fish Ltd –Millie Greenwood  – For working so very hard for her Primary Ballet Exam. Always listening and working hard to develop and maintain her turnout. Always a pleasure to teach and always gives 110%.

Most Promising Pupil – Savannah Watkinson-Quinn – Beautiful ballet technique. Really listens and understands how to achieve the maximum turnout in her ballet work. Always a good friend to others and is very conscientious.

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