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Nouveau Express & Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

We’ll let you into a secret… Celebrities use them!


Our Master Eyelash Technician, Alexandra, will bring Hollywood glamour to your eyes by giving you wonderful long & luscious lashes that will be the envy of everyone!

Just imagine waking up every morning with thick luscious lashes that need no mascara & very little maintenance.  Now you can throw away that mascara wand & get Nouveau Lashes.  These fabulous lash extensions last for an astonishing two weeks – two months or longer when properly maintained. Nouveau Lashes are extremely hardy & are able stand up to every day living including exercise, swimming, sweating, showering & even tears.

Nouveau Lash extensions can be worn by contact lens wearers & are not uncomfortable in any way. Each individual lash extension is made of a soft and naturally curved synthetic material that looks identical to human lashes. These are then bonded to your own natural eyelashes, which allow them to remain flexible & bouncy causing absolutely no damage. Each Nouveau Lash extension is applied directly to the individual lash, & with a range of lengths & thicknesses you are guaranteed to find lash extensions that will suit your eyes perfectly.

To make an appointment for lash extensions please call Alexandra directly on 07720811732

Semi-permanent lashes £65

They are applied to your own individual lash & can last up to 8 weeks depending on the life cycle of your natural lashes. Maintenance is recommended every 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum fullness. This treatment is performed while you are lying down comfortably giving you the perfect time to relax, this can take between 1 hour 30 min – 2 hours.
Infills £20 for the first 40 minutes (£10 for each further 20 minutes)            








Express Nouveau Lashes £30

They are applied in a different way from the semi permanent lashes but with the same fantastic results. This is ideal for those clients who are in a hurry or are looking for beautiful lashes for a short period of time. These lashes will last up to 2-3 weeks. This treatment is performed sat up with eyes slightly open & will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
As a Master Technician, Alexandra is also able to offer open eye technique, apply lower lashes, add gems, feathers & coloured lashes.
I only use the best quality bonding agent developed by manufacturers holding the highest qualification in adhesives and are EC CE Approved. The bonding agent is odourless & solvent free, and is specifically made for eyelash extensions to guarantee the strongest & longest lasting lashes. Removal is quick and easy without causing any damage to your own natural lashes, & you will feel comfortable & relaxed throughout the treatment.











  • Lengthens
  • Thickens
  • Pre Curled
  • Waterproof
  • No Strips
  • No Clusters
  • No Smudges
  • No Clumps
  • Last Several Weeks
  • Does not cause Lash Loss
  • Can be worn for extended periods until your own lash completes it’s life cycle
  • When applied professionally lashes last 3 months with one or two touch ups in between



  • Do not get the lashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment
  • Do not use saunas or steam rooms for the next 24 hours
  • Avoid the use of oil-based make-up removers, cleansers or creams. (The oil in these products will loosen the bonding adhesive)
  • Do not use waterproof mascaras.
  • Avoid using eyelash curlers
  • Be gentle with the extensions. Avoid tugging, & getting them caught in clothing & towels
  • Do not rub the lashes when washing your face. Instead splash water over the face to remove cleansers, then pat dry
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Do not allow shower water to hit directly onto the eyelashes
  • If for any reason you would like to remove the lashes please do not attempt to remove them yourself. A Nouveau Lash Technician will be able to take them off for you.


Shop – NOW Available!

lash removerNouveau Eyelash Remover

Our carefully formulated Lash Extension Remover removes Individual Lashes applied by a Nouveau Lashes Technician during our Semi Permanent & Express treatments. The gentle, kind to skin formula effectively and comfortably removes lash extensions in the comfort of your own home, whilst conditioning your natural lashes and reducing any risk of damage.

How to Use

• Brush applicator up lashes from root to tip, leave on for 3-5 minutes • Use applicator to brush eyelashes again, from root to tip and slide lash extensions off • May require a second application and a further 5-10 minutes • Cleanse eyelids and around eye area with Eye Make-up Remover to remove any residue.
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